UNIDO×DMM.Africa Cooperate with worldwide developing countries,
using Japanese cutting-edge technology
Opening of the DMM.make AKIBA bus tour

Thanks to UNIDO, African embassies present in Japan were able to discover last April 26th 2016, the incubation center DMM.make Akiba.

DMM.make Akiba is composed of, ‘DMM.make Akiba Base’ a base for companies used as a share office or event organisation, and ‘DMM.make Akiba Studio’ providing the latest furnitures required to develop hardwares. DMM.make Akiba is providing a total support to develop hardwares. For those who want to develop manufactured goods, all the necessary is prepared, an incubation center developed targeting start-ups of the manufacturing industry.

The same day, 19 members of embassies including 1 ambassador from 15 countries stationing in Japan joined the tour. They could discover companies’ products developed with the latest machines and the latest techniques, and products developed using the 3D printers of ‘DMM.make Akiba’.

Members of African embassies present in Japan could comment that ‘having this type of structure like DMM.make Akiba that supports individual startups is wonderful. It is possible to use DMM.make Akiba technologies to develop business in Africa, this might create a brighter future for Africa. In addition, this allowed to raise even more interest towards DMM.Africa.

Familiarization tour by UNIDO to「DMM.make AKIBA」(*Japanese Website)

DMM.Africa Brief

Since its inception in September 2015, DMM.Africa has been founded as the frontline of DMM.com's company-wide effort to go global. Given the inevitable future that is defined by abundance of opportunities and explosive population growth, Africa has been designated as the next frontier of DMM.com and other leading global businesses. To secure our best footing in this uncharted territory, we are proceeding at full speed to build our operational base and our new core businesses in Africa. Towards that, in 2016, we hosted one of the largest business competitions the continent had seen: DMM.Africa Presents ABIC---Africa Business Idea Cup. As symbolised by our hosting of ABIC, our commitment remains to continue exploring the best local ventures, talents, and partners across and beyond the industry segments we've known.