Startup Weekend Tokyo Africa
Sponsored by DMM.Africa

”Startup Weekend Tokyo Africa Sponsored by DMM.Africa” was hosted and sponsored by DMM.Africa to take place from Oct 14 to Oct 16, 2016, as the Startup Weekend’s first ever event in the world that is themed “Africa”. As a weekend long intensive that lets participants experience a simulated 54-hr-long experience of attempting building a start-up, DMM.Africa attracted a grand total participants of 100 people. While DMM.Africa acted as its sponsor and host, the facilitation and the organization of the event was carried out by the team of Startup Weekend Tokyo.

High-impact African-themed business ideas were conceived and born here:

  • Day 1 – Debates and Discussions
  • Day 1 – Ice Breakers

The winning finalist team, which named itself “Hakuna Matata B”, on the final day of the event, presented its offering around the idea of Japan-imported nail salon machines. They proposed implementing this idea by first exploring B2B distribution deals to shopping malls in Kenya. This team’s presentation won the competition based on two main evaluation metrics: 1. implementation feasibility, and 2. realistic responsiveness of local consumer demands.

Event Details

Event Name
Startup Weekend Tokyo Africa, Sponsored by DMM.Africa
Fri Oct 14 6pm – Sun Oct 16 9pm
Target Participants
Aspiring entrepreneurs interested in starting companies whose core offering is products or services that are related to Africa
Total participants
100 Members (Participants: 70, Observers: 30)
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7 Coaches(In charge of coaching participating groups on Day 2)

  • Day 2 – Coaches Arrive
  • Day 2 – Coaching
  • Mr. Ichiro Amimori (Xenoma Inc., Co-Founder & CEO)
  • Mr. Wataru Ikura (Tachibana Flowers Inc., CEO)
  • Ms. Riho Kawaguchi (Chérie COCO Inc., President)
  • Mr. Makoto Goda (Nippon Biodiesel Fuel Inc., President)
  • Mr. Shigechika Sato (Tottri Resource Recycling, President, Overseas Businesses Div)
  • Ms. Megumi Hagiuda (AFRICA ROSE, Founder & CEO)
  • Mr. Takeshi Yamaguchi (Jyoho Kojyo, Inc., Board of Directors)

5 Judges(In charge of judging the final presentations on Day 3)

Day 3 – Judges
  • Ms. Yukari Umemoto (Africa Business Partners, Inc., Partner, President)
  • Ms. Chiharu Oyama (VIVIA JAPAN, CEO)
  • Mr. Tokutaro Hiramoto (Kanzawa Industrial University, Faculty)
  • Mr. Darren Menabney (Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University Faculty)
  • Mr. Peter Owans (Phoenix Consulting, CEO)

5 Guests

Day 1 – Ambassador and Staff
  • Mr. Louis Harold Joseph (Haitian Embassy, Ambassador)
  • Mr. Benjamin Nana (Burkina Faso Embassy, Chief Counsellor)
  • Ms. Ryoko Kojima (JICA Independent Administrative Agency)
  • Mr. Kyohei Yoshimoto (Japan International Cooperation Institute)
  • Mr. Shinji Kadota (Akasaka International Law, Patent & Accounting Office)

DMM.Africa Brief

Since its inception in September 2015, DMM.Africa has been founded as the frontline of's company-wide effort to go global. Given the inevitable future that is defined by abundance of opportunities and explosive population growth, Africa has been designated as the next frontier of and other leading global businesses. To secure our best footing in this uncharted territory, we are proceeding at full speed to build our operational base and our new core businesses in Africa. Towards that, in 2016, we hosted one of the largest business competitions the continent had seen: DMM.Africa Presents ABIC---Africa Business Idea Cup. As symbolised by our hosting of ABIC, our commitment remains to continue exploring the best local ventures, talents, and partners across and beyond the industry segments we've known.