Saba Saba Trade Fair

Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair

The Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair is held in July every year. It is one of the marking its 40th anniversary in the year 2016. July 7, when the fair boasts its largest number of attendees, is a national holiday. In Swahili, the primary language of Tanzania, the number 7 is pronounced "Saba", and so the fair has become popularly known by the nickname "Saba Saba". Around 1,000 companies from inside and outside of Tanzania exhibit a wide variety of industries including food, electrical appliances, agricultural machinery, stationery, and more. 200,000 people attend the Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair annually, making it an excellent opportunity for exhibitors to gain a reputation in Tanzania for their own products and services.

Activities of DMM.Africa

We exhibited leading products manufactured by DMM.make AKIBA in Saba Saba Trade Fair.
We not only confirmed if the products made by Japanese talents can be accepted by African market, but also had a good opportunity to get hints and meet partners to make better products.

Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair 2016 Outline

Date: 2016/7/1~2016/7/7 (7 days)
Location: Dar es Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania
Venue: The Mwalimu J. K. Nyerere Trade Fair Ground
Host: Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TANTRADE)
Exhibition Area: 35,000 square meters (Total site area: 160,000 square meters)
The Number of Exhibitors: Around 1,000 companies, institutions and organizations
Target Industries: Comprehensive Trade Fair
(Food, miscellaneous goods, consumer electronics, automotive, financial services and so on)
The Number of Visitors: Around 220,000 people (The number published in the official catalog 2014)

DMM.Africa Brief

Since its inception in September 2015, DMM.Africa has been founded as the frontline of's company-wide effort to go global. Given the inevitable future that is defined by abundance of opportunities and explosive population growth, Africa has been designated as the next frontier of and other leading global businesses. To secure our best footing in this uncharted territory, we are proceeding at full speed to build our operational base and our new core businesses in Africa. Towards that, in 2016, we hosted one of the largest business competitions the continent had seen: DMM.Africa Presents ABIC---Africa Business Idea Cup. As symbolised by our hosting of ABIC, our commitment remains to continue exploring the best local ventures, talents, and partners across and beyond the industry segments we've known.