A film screening was held for “JAPAN LOVE”.

On May 27th at DMM Group Headquarters in Roppongi, co-organized by DMM.Africa, a film screening & a talk show was held for the movie, "JAPAN LOVE", directed by Mr. Bobby Ologun.
"JAPAN LOVE" is a movie that narrates the journey of an individuality-abundant foreigner who overcomes the cultural barrier he faces in Japan as he gets to learn the spirit and the heart of Japan. The movie’s unifying concept is aptly titled "One world: everyone can become a family".
On the day of the event, nearly 200 paying visitors gathered. The film screening kicked off with the MC work by Patrick Behuhuma, a team member of DMM.Africa.
After the film screening, a highly-anticipated portion of the event, the talk show, was held among Mr. Bobby Ologun, Ms. Kuniko Yamada, a foreigner talent personality, Mr. Nicholas Edwards, and others. The venue became a whirl of laughter from the audience.
As a surprise performance addition to the event agendas, Nicholas Edwards gave a performance for the film’s theme song. This performance combined with the backdrop of the fireworks in Odaiba and the illumination of the Tokyo Tower provided an impressive and memorable event.
As an additional surprise element to the event, Agnes Chan rushed to arrive at the talk show despite the flight delay from Hiroshima. The venue audience was overjoyed with this surprised visit.
In addition to the audience, raving reviews and great feedback are also expressed on various blogs of the performers who appeared in this talk show.

Patrick Behuhuma of DMM.Africa accepts event MCing work as well as media appearance appointments, talent personality work and more. Please feel free to reach us for inquires.

DMM.Africa Brief

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