Aired on BS-TBS program "Chikyu
Zekkei Kikou" Episode #357: Sunset beach
of shining lights (Western Australia)

Broadcasted in July was a TV program "Chikyu Zekkei Kikou" where the media coordination was done by a media producer of DMM.Africa who traveled to document a spectacular view of the earth on a 2-nights-over-3-days journey.

This program documenting the journey of superb views in Western Australia was released via the following schedule.

Day 1
The world’s most desirable town to live in · Perth & the wild island · Rottnest Island
Day 2
Into the world's most mysterious sea, Bloom Ocean
Day 3
To the sea of 130 million years ago where there were dinosaurs

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DMM.Africa continues to accept media production and coordination work.
Responding to your requests and questions is DMM.Africa’s Teppei Kasahara who has a wealth of foreign-based media production experience in Africa and other markets.

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