The winner of the 1st Prize of Africa Business Idea Cup, whose main sponsor was
DMM.Africa, visited Japan from Kenya!!
What should be the global expansion strategy of DMM group in the future? Co. Ltd. (Located in Shibuya District, Tokyo, CEO: Tatsuya Matsue) held a press conference with the first prize winner of Africa Business Idea Cup (ABIC) who visited’s main office in Japan.

In order to make the expansion of overseas business stronger, DMM.Africa was established in December, 2015. As a strategy of Africa-oriented business, DMM.Africa served as the main sponsor of ABIC, which was held in 5 African countries. This event had multiple key purposes: the chief goal amongst them was searching for the best and the brightest executional resources mainly people and ideas that would let Africa make the best use of Japan's technology and know-how, to keep on developing just like in a three-legged race. The conference started from June, 2016 and lasted for 2 months in 5 countries: Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia & Zimbabwe. 10 people were selected to attend the final competition in Tanzania, and the winner was awarded with $5,000 and air ticket to Japan. held a press conference with the trip made by the prizewinner - Angela Wambui Wanjohi- from Kenya to Japan. Angela is a lawyer from Kenya and the founder of Uwakili. Mr. Sonobe, the President of Trickster, which is the organizer of the event, introduced ABIC briefly. Alex (Tanzania), who is from DMM.Africa, also introduced the vision of DMM.Africa. As for Angela, she gave the gist of her idea and her expectations of her staying in Japan. Her business idea is Uwakili, which is an application that can help small and medium-sized corporations and sole proprietors make and manage business law documents at a low price. Many journalists listened eagerly while Angela explaining the brief of her business idea.

Keishi Kameyama, the chairman of also made a speech on “plans of investing on ideas developed during ABIC, make them a real business or make their initiators’s partners” and ”future outlook”.
In the afternoon, Mr. Kameyama interviewed Angela and exchanged views on African IT industry potentialities.

ABIC press conference video(51:41)

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DMM.Africa Brief

Since its inception in September 2015, DMM.Africa has been founded as the frontline of's company-wide effort to go global. Given the inevitable future that is defined by abundance of opportunities and explosive population growth, Africa has been designated as the next frontier of and other leading global businesses. To secure our best footing in this uncharted territory, we are proceeding at full speed to build our operational base and our new core businesses in Africa. Towards that, in 2016, we hosted one of the largest business competitions the continent had seen: DMM.Africa Presents ABIC---Africa Business Idea Cup. As symbolised by our hosting of ABIC, our commitment remains to continue exploring the best local ventures, talents, and partners across and beyond the industry segments we've known.