DMM.Africa has established partnership connections
with 44 countries in the African Continent and it has
hosted 12 students from ABE initiative program in 2017

ABE initiative is a JICA-led programme for young African students with working experiences where the programme enables them to obtain a Master's degree as well as an internship experience during their stay in Japan.
DMM.Africa has now officiated its offering to respond to a variety of inquiries related to Africa thanks to DMM's close relationships with 500 ABE initiative students from 44 African countries, which covers over 60% of the programme participants.
DMM.Africa not only possesses organizational level ties with both JICA and ABE initiative, but it also utilizes the connection to act as an internship hosting corporation for ABE initiative programme. Qualified 12 ABE initiative students are to go on to work in the apprentice intern capacity at DMM.Africa in 2017, continuing from last year's count of having hosted 7 students.

DMM.Africa Brief

Since its inception in September 2015, DMM.Africa has been founded as the frontline of's company-wide effort to go global. Given the inevitable future that is defined by abundance of opportunities and explosive population growth, Africa has been designated as the next frontier of and other leading global businesses. To secure our best footing in this uncharted territory, we are proceeding at full speed to build our operational base and our new core businesses in Africa. Towards that, in 2016, we hosted one of the largest business competitions the continent had seen: DMM.Africa Presents ABIC---Africa Business Idea Cup. As symbolised by our hosting of ABIC, our commitment remains to continue exploring the best local ventures, talents, and partners across and beyond the industry segments we've known.