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Supporting your business expansion needs from ground zero

In addition to Africa, our support network extends to emerging markets such as Asia, Middle East, Latin America

Main service flow

  • Step1Market understanding/strategy formulation

    Our repertoire of experts at DMM.Africa is consisted of experienced analysts of diverse expertise fields as well as of more than 10 regions. Our diverse mix of industry expertise and regional specialty provides you with the unmatched edge in pointing you fast in the right paths towards your goals.

  • Step2Field survey / pilot project

    We will utilize the local operational base of DMM.Africa as well as the network that spreads across over 44 countries in Africa to realize full-scale support based on the locality.

  • Step3Business development and expansion

    The scope of support we can provide ranges from starting your local subsidiary to a full-fledged advancement, local partner alliance building, local marketing and recruiting and more.


  1. We feel a bit anxious with no experience having expanded in Africa before.

    Since DMM is already doing business in Africa, DMM has extensive experience and partnership network with business community in Africa and other emerging markets. We can provide you with practical, concrete as well as specific advice that we have learned along our way of having explored, learning our share of lessons. Please contact us for any questions you may have about making your first step into the emerging markets of your choice.

  2. There is no staff who can operate in English! Is it okay to deal in Japanese only?

    Since we have many staff members and experts that can correspond in English, French, and many more local languages in many of the emerging markets, we can accommodate your businesses in many flexible ways. Accompanying your team for research travels, local due diligence, business negotiations, partnership development, local recruitment and more. Additionally, all of our foreign national members are fluent in Japanese.

  3. What kind of flow of steps will this service follow?

    We first assign optimum experts in helping you based on the content of your inquiry case, and then consult with you to discuss the most optimal fashion in which to proceed. We prioritize remaining flexible and adaptive in catering to your needs and your evolving situation. Please feel free to contact us first to start a conversation.

  4. Approximately how much does the service cost?

    This will be decided based on your budget, your specific set of needs and a consultation to thoroughly hear the content of your needs. Even in cases where you are simply looking to get a feel for what you are looking for in your preferred markets, it is possible to get a basic overview by utilizing our research service while you are in the beginning stage of your search while keeping your operation still in Japan.

  5. What is the support system like?

    Japanese and/or Japan-based staff will act as a window of contact between your business needs and the local staff. Other international staff including Japanese, African and more staff of markets of relevant expertise will assist in responding to your request to help you realize your most optimal performance.

  6. What is the difference between this service and Africa entry support services from other companies?

    DMM.Africa Biz Arch has its own staff familiar with their respective expertise markets as well as DMM Partner network spreads across 43 countries in Africa. DMM.Africa Biz Arch executes a quick delivery of the specific support you need. We provide you with the help you need in navigating into the unfamiliar, unchartered territory. DMM.Africa Biz Arch can also help explore a possibility where DMM can potentially become a partner in your venture, as we see all the ventures we help as our own business. DMM has a proven track record of investing into ventures.

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We are accepting inquiries here about your overseas expansion business needs. In addition to Africa, we provide introductions to you and about your potential partners for your expansion into other regions such as Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and more.

DMM.Africa Overview

Founded in September 2015, DMM.Africa was conceived to create a business that will become one of the pillars of the future of DMM Group. DMM.Africa implements collection of information, data on the African market whose population is experiencing explosive growth. As one of the highlights of DMM.Africa’s activities in 2016, DMM.Africa launched its operational bases and hosted the largest business contest in East Africa: DMM.Africa Presents [Africa Business Idea Cup]. To effectively contribute to the growth of Africa, through locally identifying human resources and strategic partnerships, DMM.Africa aims to continue creating new business opportunities across multiple industries.